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CRM and prepended org names

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CRM and prepended org names

Customers with on-premise or installations of CRM will be familiar with seeing /ORGNAME/ as the root directory in their CRM URLs. 

Microsoft added this feature so that one CRM installation could support multiple different organizations (Internet Facing Deployments and CRM online have something similar but use different server names instead of the virtual directory so that cookies can be kept separate).

However, it can lead to some confusion when wanting to link to CRM files.  Say you put a .html file in an iframe – do you use orgname or not?

The /ORGNAME/ handling is done via an ASP.NET virtual path provider – which means that it only kicks in if the ASP.NET engine is processing the request.  By default, IIS is normally configured to process requests for URLs ending in .aspx via a “Handler Mapping” .aspx to the ASP.NET engine, but resources like .html or .js or .gif or .jpg usually get processed by the default Static File handler.

So a .html file under http://[crm server]/ORGNAME/isv/myapp/myapp.html will 404, but the same file as a .aspx would happily show up.  To get to the static file, you need to leave out the /ORGNAME/: http://[crm server]/isv/myapp/myapp.html

Note that if you do want to link to a .aspx, the global JavaScript function prependOrgName is the best way to add the org name:


Posted by David Eison on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 3:32 PM
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