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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Editing data in Excel

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Editing data in Excel

Customers sometimes need a good way to bulk edit data in CRM. 

One solution is to export the data, adjust it outside of CRM in a tool like Excel, then re-import it.

You can get an ms crm import tool from (read about it at )

A more powerful and user friendly Excel editing tool is EBAX:

In general I think EBAX is a good compromise of raw editing-in-Excel power and CRM's use-our-web-services restrictions, so I recommend it particularly to clients who have a few users who need some powerful or bulk access. 

The only consideration I’m aware of for a bulk editing tool in a deployment is that it’s important to train both the power users and developers that fields which were disabled via Javascript aren’t really disabled – users should avoid editing a custom calculated total field, and developers should avoid expecting a user to be unable to edit a custom calculated total field simply because it was disabled on the web form.

Posted by David Eison on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 1:22 PM
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