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Web Form for Marketers

For those just downloading the installer, check inside your downloaded file first (and ALWAYS for future packages) and be sure that there is only one zip inside called ''.  Do not unzip that file.  Sometimes they wrap the package in another zip for downloading off their website.  If you do not catch a double zipped package, you bring doom and reinstall for your application.  Follow the instructions on installing packages as suggested on .  After installing, it is not a finished out of the box product.  Follow the instructions below.

To submit forms (Associated Error: ‘We experience a technical difficulty while processing your request. Your data may not have been correctly saved.’) 

-          Open SQL Server and attach database located in Website/Data/Sitecore_WebForms.mdf

-          Open forms.config file in Website/App_Config/Include/forms.config

-          Uncomment the mssql connection string and add the proper fields

-          Open connecitonstrings.config in Website/App_Config/Connectionstrings.config

-          (The magic.) Add this to your config: <add name="remoteWfmService" connectionString="url=http://localhost/sitecore%20modules/shell/Web%20Forms%20for%20Marketers/Staging/WfmService.asmx;user=admin;password=b;timeout=60000"/>

-          Test.

Categories: Sitecore
Posted by Nicole Rodriguez on Monday, April 12, 2010 12:31 PM
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